Christophe FARINA

Wondering who i am ?

A family man

Married since 2013 to my beautiful wife, we are today the proud parents of two wonderful boys, living in the south of France

A problem solver

While i've always been known for my ability to think out of the box and offer original and unexpected solutions, this really proved useful when i started my career in IT.

From 2004 to 2014, i've helped hundreds (if not thousands) of users and companies in areas as diverse as Cybersecurity, engineering or logistics, providing solutions to problems caused by a bad conception, a bad implementation, or simply a poor user experience.

From that experience grew a passion to work on the creation of better products, based on my experience with users and the need to keep them involved.

A product designer

Since 2014, i have taken part in the creation of various products under different titles and roles.
If you would like to know more about what i did and what i do, just click the link :

A content creator

Most recently, i have been trying to share some of my experience and discoveries through articles and social network posts. You can access them below :